The Majority of our available
happiness in Life and Love,
or Peace in our societies,
sits on the other side of
tribal walls, or beyond
rivers of deception.

The Ancient blind spots which
  excused ignorance are cleared.
We can now see the world
in a glance.

Tribal myths once used to protect
are now imprisoning us body and
mind in cubicles of deterioration,
with full control over our lives
from cradle to grave.

We are a Species with One Enemy
and are searching for that foe
in all the wrong places.

That Arch
-enemy is - Death
Either Untimely or a Living Death.

The war is being lost because we
thus far have failed to recognize,
our most important comrades in
the desperate fight for Life, are
~Each Other~

Humanity -vs- Extinction

We are Not simply seeking to
Live however, as there is and
always was only One choice
for us as human beings: 
A True Life -or- Nothing.

To Simply Survive for us is 
The Living Death.

Merely existing is like dying
for our human kind.
Why is that so?

Are we simply spoiled children,
or do human capabilities, come
with higher expectations of
a grander experience?

Humanity: Gifted with the ability
to turn our dreams into reality.
This is both our most crucial
capacity, and as fate would
have it, our cruelest curse.

As we, will never be satisfied
with simple existence - No, we
are driven to search, to find
a larger place and purpose.

If we fail in our desperate search,
forever we burn with instinctual
pain of knowing, that we are in
the wrong place & time, and
are wasting our lives away.

As many have discovered however
our satisfaction levels are tied not
to material gains, or freedom
without responsibility.

For happiness & fullfillment - we
Sapient Beings require purposeful
endeavours, which benefit
the Family of Humanity.
And why not?

Every species on this planet is
created to benefit their own kind,
if not, their kind would be extinct.

So let us break free from these
captive containers with stipulated
manipulated existences and into
the free world, with genuine
lives of precious purpose.

Outside of our dank dungeons
are waiting, our global Human
family, as it was meant to be.

It is with each other, that
our Lives, find Life.

This is a Peaceful Revolution -
dedicated to truth beyond thesis,
that Life is a Puzzle - and
We - are the pieces.

Awaiting Assembly to Propel us,
ancient wisdom, gained from our
thousand years journeys around
our stern but loving teacher, our
great mother Earth, Gaia, Terra.

Vital data once carefully compiled
will gift us a precious, profound
picture or blueprint on how
to Enhance Life.

Genius, Creativity & Insights
from our unique viewpoints
will contribute to Life for
those living today and
will follow tomorrow.

OurGorgeousHuman Variety
which is essential to living, and
not simply existing, will bloom
like a glorious spring season.

Releasing all the colorful, musical
sights, sounds and sensations from
our ripe & ready human orchard,
will enrich us with the fullest
experience of Living.
As we are:
One Species, billions of Spices.

It's time to take down the Walls
utilizing the bricks to build
Beautiful Bridges.

Join the Sapient Revolution
with your time and support !

All Proceeds fund full time work on:
Festivals - Speaking Events
- Concerts - Music
- Education - Billboards -
Podcasts - Videos -
and much more.

Humanity is ready for a New Era
and you, are essential
to the cause.
Make yourself Known !