The Design: Human Unification
"Growing a sapient civilization,
with a foundation of respect
and mutual appreciation,
from a seed cultivation
  of human relations,"

Atlas Teru

The Majority of our available
happiness in Life and Love,
or Peace in our societies,
sits on the other side of
tribal walls, or beyond
rivers of deception.

Towering barriers fabricated from
ancient myths and superstitions,
were but primitive struggles to
span the ravines between our
bitter ignorance, and reality.

The crumbling relics remain today
primitive monolithic mental mazes
with whip wielding taskmasters to
retain unyielding control over our
thoughts, time, movements and
even the intimate composition
& complexion of family units.

Shuttered away, wings tied down,
the full range of available beauty
in our lives is severely cut down
along with infinite opportunities
which bloom from the gardens
of wide-ranging communities.

Like these obstinate obstacles rise
against our optimum lives, walls
obscure humanity's precarious
path to navigating our way to
tomorrow's golden potential.

As darkness spawns the hidden,
ignorance breeds fear, leading
to hate, and then to violence.

By warring against ourselves,
we will ultimately commit to
species suicide, taking our
planet with us to oblivion.

Yet even if we escape that fate,
what hope have we to vanquish
the dire problems which imperil
our species without that critical
element called - coordination,
of the kind which comes with
inclusive comprehension and
consensual cooperation?

We are One Tribe with One Enemy
and are searching for that foe
in all the wrong places.

That Arch-enemy is - Annihilation.

The war will be lost, because we
thus far have failed to recognize,
our most important resources in
the desperate fight for Life, are
~Each Other~
Humanity -vs- Extinction

This is a Sapient Revolution
for a human family reunion,
to open distribution of vital
solutions, via key cultural
contributions, birthing an
evolution of life saving &
life quality resolutions.

Let us take down the Walls
utilizing the bricks to build
beautiful bridges, because
a truth beyond thesis - is
that Life is a Puzzle, and
We - are the pieces.

All Proceeds fund full time work on:
Festivals - Speaking Events
Marches - Concerts - Music
- Education - Billboards -
Podcasts - Videos -
and much more.

"Humanity's shared garden dream
is ripe to blossom into our lives
once we recognize the global
expanse of our family ties.
Atlas Teru