What and Why
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What and Why


There is only One Race - Humanity vs Extinction.

Life with Humanity can be exciting, comforting, fascinating, and immensely rewarding.
It can also be stained by boredom, frustration, nightmare scenarios - or even deadly situations.

Life Without Humanity however - is existence without Living.

It is with each other - that our Lives find Life.

Thus to gain the best - and repair the rest - requires that we learn to connect and coexist peacefully within our diverse Human Family Tree.

Not only is the quality of our personal lives tied to our ability to successfully interact within that colorful collage of perspectives, and personalities, called Humanity - but indeed, the survival of our species.

~Humans evolved to migrate, to mingle, to seek out and exchange necessities and insights - and to delight in the sights, scents, sounds and spices of variety.

Free us - and we learn, love, laugh and Live.

Wall us in - and our lives become stale, inbred - then like cancer we destroy ourselves from the inside out.

Our Youth shows us the first signs of this stark reality. Vibrating with disappointment in wasted lives: Witness The shocking acceleration to total disregard for Life – some seeking to take many other lives with them into oblivion.

~Behind walls of separation - we lose sight of the fact that there is only One Race, One Side - Humanity vs Extinction - Life vs Death.

Separation from the human family fragments our understanding of Humanity thus Life in general - the jagged spaces jammed with mangled myths and misconceptions.

We suffer loneliness needlessly, settle for ill fitting relationships and lives, and die from ailments or societal problems that other individuals or cultures have dealt with and moved beyond.

~Worst of all, as history has proven time and time again, whether individually, or within groups; alienation grinds into suspicion - which heats into fear - then sparks into hate - and finally burns into violence.

The horror of Humanity turning our strength and genius against Ourselves is responsible claiming the lives of billions - which if viewed from space satellites, is seen for what it is - Mass Suicide.

Today we only need feel the heated air to know that the flames of hate are rising in a time when we have the immense power to wipe ourselves out in totality.

~Lastly, in our Separate states we are powerless lacking cooperation or strength of numbers to address the problems which face us as a species - both now and those which will eventually arise from pandemics to natural or unnatural disasters.

We Stand Together, or will fall together, there is no other way for us.

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