About Sapient City

Those for whom Life is sacrosanct, the most magnificent gift in the universe - you are not alone.

Those who feel the delicate line of Life, see the fragile glow above that line and understand instinctively, that there are but two sides in reality - Life above the line, and death below it - we too see that line and know it can break at any time.

If every moment you walk this line, knowing that how we treat ourselves and others, even in the smallest ways, the quickest seconds - either adds to the plus, or negative side of this line of Life - then you are one of us.

We who are Sapient have the power to change Life for the better.

Like pebbles, tossed into a glassy pond, waves of well wishes spread beauty, humor, clarity, and most of all, a happy realization, of what Life was meant to be.

Most of us have experienced places, areas where in the air, like birds of happiness, floats a bright and contagious feeling. Where people are in their natural state, magnanimous, expansive, open and happy. This is no accident, it is not in your mind, but in the environment around you.

Lively life is as real as weather, and as powerful as a seasoned wind blowing off a breezy sea. We human beings create waves of emotion and project existence.

As we are the powerful; we resonate with the strength to influence. Our ideas, attitudes, and our very presence morphs the space around us.

Yet we are segmented, placed behind walls where it's difficult to find another and to connect - and without unity, we are powerless to change the world in any measurable sustained way.

This situation however, is about to change.

It's Long past time to take down the walls which keep the Sapient locked in labeled labyrinths.

Allow us the lead - as it's our Life's purpose to dismantle walls - and recycle the bricks to build bridges.

This purpose was born, as are the most powerful ones - by Life experience. Six decades worth through many countries, and levels of society.

Having been born as an outsider everywhere one goes - is a humbling, yet fascinating life.

The truths about Humanity become evident, when you are perceived as only a visitor.

The discovery of the Human Core we all share, which is much larger than anyone expects, and the ability to make these truths evident, are the keys to a long awaited human family reunion.

Our tools are as diverse as Humanity itself, from public speaking, to entertaining and enlightening events, music, videos, podcasts from documentary to drama, to exciting entertainment, billboards, marches, and much more.

We welcome your input and participation in our cause, and your support in estimation of the importance of the goal.

Atlas Teru